Volume 30 Number 3 (Journal of NLP)

ISSN 1340-7619
Journal of Natural Language Processing Volume 30 Number 3

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General Paper

Applying NLP for Automating Horizon Scanning Suzuko Nishino, Tatsuya Ishigaki, Sohei Washino, Hiroki Igarashi, Akihiko Murai, Yuichi Washida and Yukari Nagai 883
Recording and Analyzing the Process of Building Common Ground in Dialogues in a Collaborative Task Koh Mitsuda, Ryuichiro Higashinaka, Yuhei Oga and Sen Yoshida 907
Medc2l: Compound-Word Analysis and Inference System for Japanese Clinical Texts Mana Ishida, Hitomi Yanaka and Daisuke Bekki 935
A Comprehensive Empirical Study on Personalized Dialogue Generation Itsugun Cho, Dongyang Wang, Ryota Takahashi and Hiroaki Saito 959
Controllable Text Simplification Using Lexically Constrained Decoding Based on Edit Operation Prediction Tatsuya Zetsu, Tomoyuki Kajiwara and Yuki Arase 991
Plug-and-Play Attribute-Aware Text Infilling via A New Attention Mechanism and Two-Level Positional Encoding Dongyuan Li, Kotaro Funakoshi and Manabu Okumura 1011
Visual Recipe Flow: A Dataset for Learning Visual State Changes of Objects with Recipe Flows Keisuke Shirai, Atsushi Hashimoto, Taichi Nishimura, Hirotaka Kameko, Shuhei Kurita and Shinsuke Mori 1042
Revisiting The Offensive Text Detection Problem with a Chain-of-Reasoning Approach Qiang Zhang, Jason Naradowsky and Yusuke Miyao 1061

Society Column

Until the Completion of “Incorporating Evidence Retrieval into Document-Level Relation Extraction” Youmi Ma 1088
Background of the research on “How the Concentration of Attention Depends on Relative Position in the Self-Attention Mechanism Yuji Yamamoto 1094
Research on “MultiTool-CoT: GPT-3 Can Use Multiple External Tools with Chain of Thought Prompting” Tatsuro Inaba 1100
Behind the Scenes of “Semantic Specilization for Knowledge-based Word Sense Disambiguation” Sakae Mizuki 1105
Evaluating the Robustness of Discrete Prompts Yoichi Ishibashi 1110
Symposium on Japanese Diachronic Corpora 2023 Toshinobu Ogiso 1116

Editorial Note

Koichiro Yoshino and Shoko Wakamiya 1122

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